Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pedicure Jesse Style

My mom and I hit up one of the malls to pass some time and decided that a pedicure would be a nice relaxing way to spend our time. Ha! We picked a professional looking nail salon and the lady said they did clinical pedicures, we figured that meant they were clean and thorough? They walked us into our own little rooms with a chair facing the wall and we waited for our pedicurists to come. They offered us a drink and so I thought this will be lovely. That was until she whipped out the blade, cuticle clipper and stick thing-a-ma-jig and proceeded to terrorize my toes!! She also removed part of my big toe nail that apparently was ingrown, I wanted to kick her in the head with my free foot and sprint out of there! Instead I tried to politely and in Spanish tell her to lay off the toes and move on!! The best part that made me laugh though is she whips out a dremmell tool to smooth out my feet and nails!! I know I have ugly feet that are fairly caulousy but I have never had anyone attack them with such vigor and perfection! I thought if Jesse were a pedicurist that is exactly how he would do it, with power tools!! Maybe I will have him start dremmelling my feet when I get back, they are awfully smooth now.