Tuesday, February 8, 2011


My mom and I were able to stay in Bocas for 5 blissful days. We stayed in these cute bungalow/treehouses that were in the middle of a jungle. We didn't see or hear anyone and there was plenty of wildlife to keep us on our toes!! The last night the howler monkeys came by and boy are they creepy to listen to!! I had images of them attacking us all night long! The weather was amazing and the water was just beautiful!

So our taxi driver that we used most of the time was William and he sported most days a Hustler shirt of some variety! On the back it said, "Relax it's just sex". Soo funny we were dying of laughter about him, he seriously thought he was a hustler!!

We are now staying on the top of an island near Panama City in a lovely 2 bedroom apartment overlooking the ocean and City. More pictures to come!


Fiagle Family said...

how fun. you are always running around the world somewhere

Explorer Bud said...

That is how I like it!!