Sunday, December 19, 2010

Year Long Project

I finally got this car seat cover/blanket finished, it has only taken me a year!! I really struggled with staying focused on this project, not really sure why since I was to the point of needing to put the blanket together and inserting the elastic so I had the hard parts already done. It took realizing that it was the ward Christmas Service Auction that it had been almost a year since I was asked to make another one!! How embarrassing! At least it is done and the lady has lots of grandkids being born!

I ran out of the fuzzy minky so I went with the minky dot for the blanket which is probably easier to keep clean that way! Who knows I guess I will have to ask the mom that will use it what she thinks! :)


Fiagle Family said...

how cute! I love all your fabrics you pic. YOu are so creative you need to start putting your stuff up for sale.

Dink said...

I tried that half-heartedly last year and it has gone nowhere so maybe when I am more motivated! I need your address so email me!!