Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby Shower

(the guest of honor doing a little work)

The baby shower is over and done, what a relief!!! It went great, everything tasted good, the decorations ended up cute and the cake even turned out!! The shower was during lunch so we served these delicious appetizers:

Then I made with the help of my SIL the Market Street Grill Clam Chowder (Seriously the best clam chowder there is!) and a knock off Jason's Deli Broccoli Cheese (Not the best due to my overuse of broccoli!) in some bread bowls of course!!

You can't have a winter party without some delicious Cider either:

My mom and I spent weeks trying to figure out the color scheme, how to fit 23 people in her house and where to put everything. The day before we finally found something that wasn't the typical baby colors (since Breckan hates anything cutsie baby)but still kind of like a baby shower! Expedex is definitely the place to go when you need to decorate for a party, not party land, target, or any of those other party places!!

Now for the cake!! I found a cake on this great blog that has these "Make a Cake Series". I decided I would make a scaled down version of the cake since it was 1:00 am while we were cutting out the onesies and I had about enough!! I made my own fondant and colored it, rolled it out and made some onesies, quilt squares and these really cute booties for the top of the cake. On the side of the cake it was supposed to be a clothesline of onesies, bibs and quilt squares but I scratched that and just made onesies to top my mom's cupcakes she was making. Here is the final product!!

The brown spot is chocolate frosting that was used to stick that one random onesie on there and then decided to remove it!


Fiagle Family said...

that turned out so cute...for a not "cute" baby shower lol

Dink said...

haa haa haa, I thought so too!