Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fleming's Steak House

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going to Fleming's for some delicious steak. Unfortunately it is quite a bit out of our eating out budget to go anywhere near a regular basis. I should learn to cook steak better so I can enjoy it at home but that would also entail me actually forking over the money to buy a nice piece of meat to start with! Although I have been looking into purchasing a share of a grass fed cow which will provide a good starting point!

Anyways, Jesse and I were able to hit up Fleming's twice in the past two months due to some amazing 50% off coupons that we got of KSL Deals. Then I was able to score a $25 gift card to Fleming's from Staples for ordering over $100 in Office Supplies, one of the perks of ordering office supplies! So we went and shared a delicious Porcini encrusted Filet with asparagras, scalloped potatoes, mac & cheese and a chocolate lava cake with the most divine shantilly whipped cream!!

Then I did a review online after our first trip and got another $25 off our next visit and got $40 in gift cards from credit card points so Jesse and I could each get our our steaks and an appetizer. The first time we only had to pay the tip and the last one we went over about $10. Overall we spent less than $50 for four meals at Fleming's a pretty sweet deal if you ask me!!

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