Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Southern California

Yes, we went on ANOTHER trip to visit family, I think that is all we do during the summer but at least we get to go to fun places to do it!! So this time we went just for the weekend to be there for Jesse's Uncle's ordination. It was a wonderful time and everyone was soo excited for the Olive family!!! We also got to go to Universal Studios which was a lot of fun to see since I have never been. It was better than I thought and I am not really a small theme park attender, I prefer big and fast and scary versus slow and enjoyable. Anyways, we did get to ride some fun rides and it was fun to watch the younger kids all excited about going on rides. There of course was a lot of card games to be played which I LOVE so we had fun and I even got a little Rook in as well which I am not sure I fully understand so everyone still helps out. But it is a married only game which is funny because not everyone's spouse plays but you must first be married to be taught how to play. Funny family traditions that I love!!!

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The Crawfords said...

Hola! I am sorry to tell you that once again we will not be able to come over as planned to rock out! Chris has to take a final tomorrow night and just found out today he has to take it that day only! I'm sorry we suck, it will happen though!!