Friday, August 29, 2008

Ode to Katie

Katie came to visit last week for 8 lovely fun filled days. Well....we had planned on doing more active activities while Katie was there but ended up with some more low keyed fun that proved to make some unforgetable memories to add to our long list of good times. Katie and I became friends in first grade at Buckeye/Blue Oak where we spun endlessly on the bars, double dutch and chasing the boys off. After school if we were not over at one anothers' house we were chatting for hours on the phone about who knows what!! I like to look back when I was a chatty phone person, I must've chatted myself out from all the long hours we spent on the phone. As we grew up our interests changed and I became obsessed with horses and spent my every waking hour doing horses while Katie expanded into choir, yearbook and other scholastic activities. We still got to spend a glorious week together every summer on Katie's family skiing vacation where we got caught up on what was going on in our busy lives. High School came and went, college arrived and we went to opposite sides of the lovely sate of California and had hit and miss contact when we would actually be home visiting at the same time. We then graduated college, got "big kid" jobs and ended up back at our parents house saving our pennies. Laughing at where we had ended up compared to what we had planned way back in our ambitious youth about what we would be doing at the ripe old age of 25! Just in case you were wondering no we did not plan to be college graduates in the fields that we had found ourselves in and residing back in our parents homes where we couldn't wait to get out of after high school!! Don't get me wrong we had traveled, experienced all kinds fun and interesting things in our lives but somehow managed to be back at square one. Now we have reached full circle by becoming closer friends again, calling to just check in on what boring adventures we had that day and sharing crazy memories of our youth and now our adulthood. Everyone should have a few good friends to share those good and bad moments with!! So Katie thanks for the laughing till I cry fun and crazy times that I can look back to when I am thinking how boring and normal my life is!!


Sarah said...

k, so i did your all about me picture search on my blog...pretty fun, some of them were super funny and some made no sense. :) fun to get to know you better!

Single Girl said...

she should live here

Dink said...

I know I wish she would she is one of the few that are reliable and actually will follow through!!! Would've been fun when we were planning our summer of fun!!!