Wednesday, August 20, 2008

All About Me

This is how the game works:Use Google image search to answer each question. Then, out of ONLY the first page of results, choose your favorite or most random image. It's kinda weird, but kinda fun. Let me know if you do it too or if you need some clarification.

My Age:

A Place I have Traveled:

A Place I want to Travel:

Favorite Place:

Favorite Object:

Favorite Food:

Favorite Animal:

Favorite Color:

The Town I was Born:

The City I live now:


Past Love:

Best Friends Nickname:

My Screen Name:

My First Name:

My Middle Name:

My Last Name:

Bad Habit:

My first Job:

My Grandmothers Name:

My College Degree:

What I am doing Right now:


Aubrey said...

that was very entertaining, you are so funny!

collinanddani said...

So I did it too, but I couldn't do all of them. It took me forever! Very fun though. Apparently Danielle is a very sluty name...

Sarah said...

Mango and coconut rice is my FAVORITE! By the way...this is Sarah Neilson. I'm trying to stalk down everyone's blogs in the branch!