Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CrossFit is Da Bomb

I know I do start a lot of different exercise programs but I think I have found something that I will never get bored of and I see amazing results in a short amount of time which I LOVE. CrossFit is a high intensity workout where every workout is a new and hard!! I have gone from never being able to doing a pull-up to doing a pull-up, I am close to doing dips without any bands, I am back to lifting what I used to when I was back on the Equestrian Team where we had lifting coaches and I have my muscle tone back that I have been commiserating about since my Equestrian days. I have had a great time getting to know the other people at the gym and love getting to compete against some of the people that I am close to thier fitness level. The great thing is there are people of all ages and fitness levels that come and everyone does the same workout just modified for where you are out. It makes me feel good that I am doing the same thing as the super fit ironman competitor or the guys that look like they don't have an ounce of fat on thier bodies(just a bit slower!!) Oh and workouts on average are 20 minutes long how is that for not consuming my whole life!!! So if you want to know more just ask and I will talk your ear off or ask Jesse I think he is even more of a spokes person than I am.

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