Thursday, August 26, 2010


This year my friend Nicole called me up and she was all stoked becuase she had found a dude ranch that was equal distance between us that was in our price range and available for the weekend between our Anniversaries. So we made our reservations and planned out the riding festivities and off Jesse and I went!!

Weirdly, most people did not think a dude ranch would be all that fun but let me tell you it was loads of fun!!! We went trail riding, on a cattle drive, skeet shooting, fly fishing (Jesse and Kevin did), roping, hot tubbing, a little running, lounging and a lot of eating!!

We were in the middle of nowhere in Idaho so the view was amazing and soo very peaceful.


Cunning said...


Thanks for marrying my cousin.

Dink said...

You are very welcome, I just had to try and be family so how!! This was as close as I could get!!