Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Snake Surprise!!!

Today Kim and I went on a run during lunch which was hot and miserable and horrible and hot and I will NEVER do that again. More exciting though than the run was who we encountered on the run. Yes this little guy, Mr. Rattlesnake in all his rattling glory!! Luckily my instinct in any startling situation is to leap high off the ground and away from whatever I am startled by. It has been very helpful in numerous situations. This was one of them for sure!! It was Kim's first experience in seeing a live and wild rattlesnake so she had to snap a picture of him. I think he was just a teenager rattler cause he wasn't too big but he had a rattle and they don't have rattles when they are fresh out of the egg. So everyone watch out on those hiking, camping, walking on the path adventures it is baby rattlesnake season and they are a biting!!! (ha, ha, ha I am soo funny!!)


Fiagle Family said...

arent those fun!! we had one under our trash can!! and what a fun birthday!! so jealous

Single Girl said...

sick i hate snakes.