Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One More Thing

I love finding new jobs, for some strange reason. In assisting Jesse in finding a job I came across a part-time position for House Parents in the Crisis Nursery at a local non-profit organization called The Family Support & Treatment Center. So of course I applied and got Jesse and I in for an interview!! We got through the first round of interviews and was called back for a second interview with one of the counselors at the facility and guess what....yes we got the job. Even though I was a bit apprehensive after some of Jesse's amazingly detailed answers!!! Man do we have different interviewing styles!! So after an interesting job shadow causing Jesse to have second thoughts, and getting recertified in CPR & First Aid and Food Prep Certified we took on our first 24-hour shift in the Nursery. At first it was a little strange being in charge of little lives and trying to remember all the training but then it just became natural and a lot of fun. What a better way to be at a job that enables you to make someone else's day a little happier and easier to get through. Getting the first smile and seeing walls come down just a little was worth the lack of sleep and nervousness of the day!!

I am really glad that we have this opportunity to work here and get to spend some time with some of these amazing and fun little kids. Jesse and I both came away from our first shift with mixed emotions but were glad that we could be there for these little guys.

The Family Support & Treatment Center is always looking for donations either monetary, in-kind or volunteer hours and I would definitely recommend doing one of the three to help out the children in our community that need our help!!

Oh and that day I was extended the call as Nursery Leader in our Branch!! How funny is that!!


Fiagle Family said...

You are in so much trouble. ..you made it out here and I didnt see you :) OK I am just as bad!! We will be out there the first week of Aug and I am coming to see you or else!! I need some silly girly time haha not to mention I still have not met your husband !!

Dink said...

That is the truth!!!