Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fourth of July

Yes I know this is late but I have been very laxadasical about everything so I am just getting around to posting.

My mom's decorating skills

My dad decided that we were going to do an early morning picnic with the fam hoping to get everyone together. Since that rarely works it was not any different this time and it ended up being my parents, myself and my sister playing cards, eating and playing with the dogs. It was a lot of fun just a bit early for my taste when I may have a chance to catch up on my sleep!!
Isn't this cute fabric!!

The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to me trying to get my skirt pattern cut out which has been a HUGE struggle and has taken about 2 months so far!!! I think instead I watched a film festival movie and took a nap, then started a new project, an apron, instead but hey what else is new? This year we actually went and watched the fireworks from the grass area below the temple with my family. My mom and I staked out our spot early in the afternoon carefully aligning ourselves to be in direct sight to the fireworks. A lot of work went into thinking this through, an exact science to be exact!!
This is why I have very few cute pictures of Jesse and I

The fireworks were a lot of fun, I love fireworks!! The best part though was the cotton candy guys selling 4 different flavors of cotton candy, yes you read that correct 4 flavors. I think they were bubble gum, apple, grape and .....okay so I can't remember the fourth but it was good!!! I ate almost all four bags on my own and Natalie helped me out some.
I LOVE Cotton Candy!!

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