Friday, December 28, 2012

Vehicle Upgrade

Last weekend Jesse and I finally decided on the car that I wanted to upgrade from our little Carolla Carol. I have loved Carol's MPG and low maintenance but have not liked that she is not AWD and a bit cramped when I want to have more than me and Charlie in the car on the way to work. Oh and the broken handles were getting a bit annoying!! Anyways the last straw was our trip to Vegas and we were in a rain/snow storm and the wipers have 2 settings, neither are useful in the rain or snow. The first mode is too fast for a light drizzle but too slow for regular rain and the second is too slow for hard rain and way too fast for regular rain. Leaving the driver either blind or having to do the wipers by hand. Here is our newest addition which I love and Charlie rides very nicely in the wwwwaaaaayyy back behind his dog netting!!
Now we must come up with a name for our new addition. My prior cars were the Bubble (blue Ford Escort), Freckles (Ford Crew Cab Duelly), the Blue Bomber (Honda Civic), Mick (Mitsubishi Outlander), Tundy (Toyota Tundra) and Carol (Toyota Carolla). It is no wonder that I get a bit emotional when I sell one of these babies!!

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