Thursday, February 2, 2012

Knitting As of Late

It is winter and I have been knitting away, this is what I have finished so far:
My new Niece's sweater, Mary Jane booties and two pairs of pink booty socks

Pumpkin Sleep Sack for a friends baby photo shoot

These I didn't knit but I did sew them


Erin said...

so cute! You are so talented! Miss you!

Sarah Preston said...

That sweater is my favorite!! Too cute!

Dink said...

Thanks, I miss you guys too I bet Noah is just huge now and soo grown up!!

Sarah, another project night???

Fiagle Family said...

i dont know how you do it!? Mine would have a huge whole in it. U need to live closer!!!
The sweater is so adorable. U need to start selling all your stuff

Dink said...

Ha ha ha, we do need to live closer!!!