Saturday, March 12, 2011

Surprise Package Arrived

All day Thursday I called and texted Jesse wanting to know if the package arrived of course he had to do "errands" and wasn't home impatiently waiting for it like I was. He just doesn't get as excited about packages as I do. So when I got home I ran out to the porch and picked the box up and it ended up being our sump housings for our water filters!! Yeah the lady told me it would be at least another 3 weeks before it was even shipped I guess harassment moved me up on the wait list!! Now it will only cost about $30 when we need a filter change instead of $250 for the company to come and do it!! I love saving money and having a handy husband!

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Kerry said...

I'm the same way about packages. i order cheap jewelry on ebay mostly to await the fun mail.