Sunday, September 12, 2010

Panama Trip So Far

We have arrived!!! It was a decent flight, bad food and entertainment, but not a horrible flight. It is humid her for sure!! We were picked up by a driver who was very friendly and gave us lots of information about the city and the history. He dropped us off at our hotel which I thought was a nice little bed and breakfast but ended up being a John's house for the single guys!! There is a girl that cooks and cleans there and she was wonderful and took us around to get our cell phone chip and minutes and shopping. She told us all about the prostitutes her boss brings in for people and his guide to the sleezy places in town. Our room had two naked ladies on the walls, my mom and I were dying of laughter!!

The next day we went to the bus station to go down to the beach where we are staying the rest of the time. The bus is four seats wide, air conditioned, I think a suped up muffler and a dubbed over american film and we were all packed in there for an hour in the dark. The resort management company met us at the market and took us to our house. We were soo exhausted that night and all we wanted to do is fall on the floor and sleep!!! The next day we lounged around and checked out the beach.

We walked to the next town via the beach and found a baby starfish that was soo little. Lots of shells and sand dollars were everywhere on the beach. The ocean was pretty and green-blue. We are having a great time and enjoying all the relaxation.


Cunning said...

Thinking of you!! Keep the pics coming :)

Sam and Erin said...

Love the update! Keep them coming. . . I want to know all about your trip!