Monday, August 10, 2009

Olive Reunion 09'

This year we got to go to Folsom, California, for the Olive Reunion. This is one of my favorite locations since it is close to where I grew up and I get to see my friends and family, along with the Olive family!! We got to go white water rafting with water gun wars, sadly I think our boat lost that war. We of course got to eat at lots of fun and yummy restuarants, hit up a Giant's game, biked across the Golden Gate Bridge on a Tandem Bike, visited the Exploratorium, played tons and tons of card games, roasted smoares, played volleyball (yes I am terrible at Volleyball and everyone was nice enough to let me play on their teams without too many complaints), played with Katie & Nicole, assisted in a garage sale and even got to sleep in some!! I would have to say that was a pretty darn good reunion!!! So until next year I will just have to remember all the fun memories we had.

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